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service on coffee machine

We can’t even begin to tell you how important it is to keep on top of cleaning and servicing of your equipment. A clean machine WILL last longer, and a machine that is serviced every year will last even longer. Regular daily cleaning will help keep your take away coffees tasting consistently great.

Coffee Solutions can offer this service to pro-long the life of your coffee machine. Our service engineers are qualified in group machines, table top machines to fresh milk machines.

Not only can we provide you a service on your coffee machine but we also offer some pretty important services to you too. Advice for:

- the right coffee

- help you to pick the right coffee machine

- suitable grinder

- a wide choice of accessories

- providing your with the correct filter for your machine of choice

We have the software to track your machine’s history so that we can inform you  when a service is needed, when a boiler test is required, when your filter needs replacing. All of these factors will depend on the machine itself, and on the amount of coffee you make daily. Let’s face it, you have a business to run and don’t want to worry about these things. Let us to that for you.

We offer breakdowns on equipment. Sometimes this could be a quick telephone call to put everything right, other times a on site visit would be needed. Don’t worry, we can look after your coffee machine needs.

We are fully trained and work with a lot of the leading manufacturers from Coffetek, Conti, Iberital, Fracino, Nectar & Expobar, to name a few.

 Here are just some of the services we provide:

- Breakdowns

- PSSR 2000 Pressure Test / Boiler Testing

- Installation of a new machine

- Purchase of a new machine

- Water filter replacement and new filter

- Descale of boilers

- Barista training

- Removal of coffee machines